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Description (click on small pictures to see larger ones)

Here is a collection of pictures of Abi, all in one place. I'm going to miss her badly when I leave.

Abi looking to the side
Abi looking straight ahead
Abi is just way too cute. She distracts my Spanish class periodically, but it's rarely unwelcome. :-)
Abi doing homework
Abi and Mark at a Wedding.
Abi and Mark
Abi doing homework Abi doing homework
Abi doing homework


Abi forces visor on Mark
Abi forces the visor on Mark
Abi considers attacking
Abi considers attacking
Abi choking Mark
Abi choking Mark
Abi chokes Mark
Abi can't resist looking at the camera while she chokes Mark


Abi playing in water
Abi is playing with water in the new bathroom.
Abi washing her hari
She has very long hair - it has never been cut. But see below
Abi as her hyper self

Abi is five years old, and had her hair cut yesterday for the first time in her life.

To the right, Abi shows her pouting side, and it was so cute I had to click the shutter.

Abi pouting - she is SO CUTE!
Abi spinning arount to see me


Abi feeling the shawl
Abi loved the Baby Alpaca shawl that I bought for Laura.
Abi wearing Shawl


Abi at a winery, enjoying some frozen lukuma
Abi at the winery
Abi is very tired after the tour

Abi was very tired after a tour so I carried her home.

Abi is very tired after the tour


Abi sleeping

Abi was listening to Laura and I talk and she fell asleep.

Below is Abi, being her cute self as usual. :-) She happily washed many dishes.

Abi washing dishes
Abi washing dishes

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